What's the best ( Free ) CAD program for a Newbie?


1. Onshape till you need to pay up to go pro....fusion 360 if you're pro already, but can Blag an educational or 'learner' licence....

2. Google sketchup not bad

3. Tinkercad is easy

4. Tinkercad man it’s free and unbelievably easy to build or edit stl gcode Ext try it I promise you will not be disappointed I have designed a bunch of stuff fast and without the headach of learning cad software like it’s a language of its own.

5. Design spark

6. One thing that seems to never be talked about is that the harder a program is to learn the need to use it often incorporating this learned things in, for retention. Designspark Mechanical is kind of between Tinkercad & Fusion 360 and does what I need so I tend to use the features often and don’t have to do a lot of relearning. Just my input!! 

7. Fusion 360 - free for personal use... 

8. Sculptris works pretty great and is rather simple. 

9. Meshmixer has some useful functions as well.


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