How to clean the glass bed as it is a mess? What are the pros and cons of an all metal hotend?

1. How to clean the glass bed as it is a mess?

Hot water and soap /Rubbing alcohol /Isopropyl alcohol /Methylated Spirit /Nail polish remover /If its just glass then IPA, if it has hairspray use shampoo & hot water.

2. What are the pros and cons of an all metal hotend? Below is customer voices:

You can print higher temp materials with an all metal hotend 

A seldom mentioned pro: The PTFE tube doesn't go past the heat break. It doesn't get burned eventually, and it isn't really involved in clogs 

 Pro : can print hot, pricey for genuine but good price point on a clone.
Con: gotta tweak retractions low. Pla is fine, petg clogs 

Less STIs 

There are NO quality improvements from an all metal hot end. It's engineered differently to print materials with higher melting points than PLA that the original can't get to. That is all. It's design does allow for clogs where as the original is less likely to clog. Hope this helps, only get one if you are wanting to print abs, polycarbonate, etc. 

The only people with "cons" of their hotends ignored the instructions when installing them. I have 10 MS hotends and I never get jams with them. Its a quality reliability upgrade thats all "pro". Only in this group do people say there are cons to a precision upgrade.. 

Pla needs to be at a higher temp with them .I run 226 and my prints are bang on. I run 218 on silk pla . Get the full kit not just the end .micro swiss 

If a person prints primarily PLa with the occasional Petg there is no advantage installing an all metal hotend?? It certainly wont improve the print quality.For other filaments that require a higher temperatures then its a must.


If you plan to print with ABS and some other materials, an all-metal hot end is required. My s5 has a Micro Swiss hot end, and it prints ABS much "easier" than it does PLA, which does seem to require higher nozzle temps for better results.



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