Magnetic Floating Globe

**SUBTITLES** 00:00 different multicolored lights when you 00:02 first take out the globe from the 00:04 package you're gonna go ahead and wrap 00:06 it I don't have the package in front of 00:08 me but it was fully secured...

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What are the pros and cons of an all metal hotend?

VOICE-OF-THE-CUSTOMER  1. You can print higher temp materials with an all metal hotend.  2. A seldom mentioned pro: The PTFE tube doesn't go past the heat break. It doesn't get burned eventually, and it isn't really involved in clogs.  3....

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Creality Ender-3 vs Ender-3 Pro vs Ender-3X

Creality Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro or Ender-3X, that's the question! Check out our shootout to find out which version is best for you.  There are a lot of options on the desktop FDM 3D printer market, but few, if any, have amassed...

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What's the best ( Free ) CAD program for a Newbie?

VOICE-OF-THE-CUSTOMER 1. Onshape till you need to pay up to go pro....fusion 360 if you're pro already, but can Blag an educational or 'learner' licence.... 2. Google sketchup not bad 3. Tinkercad is easy 4. Tinkercad man it’s free and...

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3D Printing Materials Guide

There are so many materials you can choose from when it comes to 3D printing that it’s often tough to decide on the right one. But do not fear! les3dprinter’s Materials Guide is here! Our easy-to-read guide will help you...

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