Creality Ender-3 3D Printer with 5 Nozzles (US Plug)

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Customer Reviews

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Happily Surprised!!

This is my first 3d printer. Took a couple hours (and a couple glasses of wine) to assemble. Contrary to a number of other reviews there were decent instructions in the box. Not perfect:there were a couple steps that were not illustrated clearly, but eventually figured it out and did not even need to consult youtube.
Having great results so far…had an initial issue with my prints, because had tolerance between bed and extruder tip too tight, but loosened it up and worked great. Also had issue first couple prints because using wrong (very wrong) slicer settings, but once went through and set them all to defaults that Creality recommended, prints have been perfect. Have had NO issues (yet) with my prints sticking to bed, great adhesion with default plastic sheet Creality provides as stock. Overall I am shocked at the quality of product, and the ease of use for such an inexpensive printer.
After running about half a Kg of PLA through it I have not even needed to re-level the bed. One of the cooling fans is getting noisy, so might contact support for a replacement...or just might buy another one myself (they are about $5)
All around highly recommend for the price.

Love it!!

I was skeptical despite a ton of other good reviews, but took the plunge and bought the Ender 3. It took about an hour to put together and another hour to tune and calibrate; The results are very impressive given the price point.

- Great print quality in PLA practically 'out of the box'.
- easy to assemble and calibrate.
- complete tool and accessory kit came with it.
- 8 GB card came with it loaded with drivers, manual, and a cute dog print.
- extremely easy to tune and operate.

- Make sure you set the voltage to 115 vs 240 (switch on the PSU)... the switch was in the wrong position.
- The base plate was not square, loosen the bolts and re-tighten when it sits square and flat.
- Will NOT print from USB despite being recognized by both Win10 and Ubuntu Linux.
- Boden tube is extremely inconvenient to feed filament into, requires loosening when switching rolls.

Final thoughts; I love my ender 3, the prints that a 200 dollar printer can achieve astound me every time I hit print. Moreover there are a MILLION upgrades and modifications that can make this versatile machine into anything you want. Given it's price there simply isn't much bad I can say... it was a 3D printer kit, it builds like it says, and does what it's supposed to.


Fantastic product!!! Went from box of parts on a table to running the first print in 2.5 hrs exactly (including bed leveling). Part fit was excellent and everything went together very straightforward. Only downside is the amount of filament that is provided for test is not sufficient to complete the test model; it only makes it through 1/3 of the print. Overall, no issues, great quality. Word of caution, make sure the x-axis and y-axis belts are tight before printing. Also, the bed, being aluminum warps quite a bit when up to temp. A good upgrade would be a glass bed to improve the flatness.@


Great gift for my daughter in high school!@


Overall it is compact and sturdier! Will update the review later.@

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