Creality Carbon Crystal Glass Bed for Ender 3 /Ender 3 Pro

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Customer Reviews

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Gyh HY

Instant improvement over Ender 3 Pro's magnetic bed! No matter what I tried, I couldn't get my new CE3-Pro's bed level. I couldn't figure out if the x-axis beam was bowed up or if there was factory bed was bowed down, but with all four corners level to .10, the nozzle was .25 in the center of the print area. So... I ordered the CCTREE heated glass bed to see if it would help.

Turns out that I was dealing with both problems - a warped bed and a slightly bowed x-beam! Working under the assumption that the new bed is perfectly flat and bridges any low spots in the factory bed, I'm now able to level .10 on the corners with ~.15 in the center... which is just enough to get consistent adhesion in the center without dragging the nozzle out toward the edges.

Now I can print the parts I need to add a BL Touch auto bed leveling sensor, which should easily be able to compensate for the x-axis issue :)@

Kui g
Stop making blood offerings to the 3D printer gods and just buy this build plate!

If you have an early version of the Creality Ender 3, this is the same build plate! The part being printed sticks like it was being held by a 2 ton gorilla until the print bed cools. Once cooled simply pushing the part with one finger pops it free. NO MORE razor sharp scraper needed to remove parts. NO MORE risk of injury because the part popped off and the scraper hit your hand. Stop making blood offerings to the 3D printer gods and just buy this build plate!

Allen W
Just lifted off my first print, love it!

I set this up yesterday. Installed right over the original print surface sticker so I could cautiously revert if necessary. Moved the Z stop up a few millimeters to compensate for the added thickness. I used the traditional binder clips to hold it. Releveled and after a quick test print of a few layers, printed a serious batch of parts, I printed PLA at 60C bed temp. This morning I came out and found the parts done, no corner curl, and they lifted off the cool bed with no effort at all. Only used the spatula at all, lightly, to get a purchase on a bit of the skirt. My Ender 3 had basically three awkward things for me, four corner bed manual levelling instead of three point, a build plate that is not perfectly flat, dished a bit at the center, and a print surface that was sometimes hard to remove parts from. This solves two of them for me.@

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