Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer

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Customer Reviews

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Great beginner printer at an outstanding price!

Some things to note:

* Don't struggle through the build instructions in the box. I used the 3D Printed Tomb of Horrors build video on Youtube, but there are other build guides out there too. One thing I really liked about the build video I referenced is that he walks through not just how to set up each step, but clearly demonstrates it and explains *why* he is doing so. He also performs a couple of additional steps that are not in the included instructions, simply because they're easier to fix while building the printer than after it's already assembled.
* One of the nuts on my bed rollers came loose after a week or so, allowing the bed to become unstable and causing some prints to fail until I figured out why. Make sure to check all screws, bolts, and nuts periodically.
* The nozzles that come with the printer are great for general-purpose printing, but try other sizes too - the quality difference between the default (0.4mm) nozzles and a 0.2 nozzle are amazing.
* For your first few prints, practice by making some of the upgrades from Thingiverse.


Great starter printer. Up and running in no time. Some fiddling with bed leveling and whatnot but after researching that seems to be par for the course. I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time and all my kids now have homemade key chains.@


For the price and ease of use after leveling the bed would think about buying another one, had a fan go bad but the seller responded quick and had a replacement within a few days the only thing that I would change is a little bit bigger bed size but this one will work.@


This printer is amazing, just check YouTube for setup videos and take your time. I've printed PLA, PETG and TPU so far with zero issues. Do your research, it's an amazing machine at this price point. This is my 3rd printer, and favorite by a long shot! The magnetic build plate is ok, but I upgraded to glass and enjoy it much more.@


Once you get the hang of it this printer is a workhorse that can print finely detailed objects at a high resolution and fairly high speed (i usually do 50-70mms). It only takes about 90 minutes to assemble and get it printing, take your time and make sure all the screws and columns are alligned and keep the allen keys at hand to adjust if nessesary. The quality of the prints compare to those that cost around four times more. This Pro version of the Ender 3 is significantly better built compared to the standard version and the power supply heats the bed a lot faster and quieter.@

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