CR-X 3D Printer Creality Two-color Printing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great multi-functional 3D printer

I did a lot of research and read many reviews on YouTube before I decided to purchase this CR-X 3D printer. I happily to say that I did not regret on making this purchase. First of all, the packaging is very good, professional and secured. Since this printer doesn't have a separate controller, all you need to do on the installation is the mount the frame body and controller together, which are done by 4 crews on the bottom of the controller. Then another screw to mount the filament racks on. Cabling was simple as well, cables were labeled well and since only Z motors are on the frame body, you only need to connect the Z motor cables and communication ribbon cable. The actual installation is as simple as it sounds, which is quite impressive. After installation, bed leveling needs to be done just like other printer.However, CR-X makes it a lot of easier by giving the option of going to different leveling points on the setting manual. Before trying to printer, I went into the temperature manual and select auto preheat, just want to see how long it take so heat up the nozzle and the bed. It took about 60 seconds to go from 29 degC to the preset temp for the nozzle which was 175degC, which was fast. I also tried cooling function, I didn't time it but I think it took around 5 mins to cool down back to 29degC, which is not bad either. The platform glass has a layer of silicon-like material on it, which helps the material to stick on the glass without having the use glue like other printers, the special material also make it very easy to remove the printer object of the glass. The motor on this printer are quiet during printer. I only printed a couple test objects, but the results are pretty good as well. Overall, I am quite happy with this new toy!

I love it! Now fully open source.

This is my second printer, first was an anet a8. This is definitely the second version of the printer with all the stuff that they fixed on the pre-pro model. I've had zero issues, the built-in tft touch display is awesome, it makes bed leveling really easy with 5 touchpoints that lift and set the extruder to each corner & middle of the bed. The leveling wheels are huge which is a plus. Comes with a glass bed you can flip for either the creality buildtak or flat glass. Assembly took maybe 5 minutes?@

Great printer for dual extrustion!

I owned the CR-10S for awhile and thought it to be one of the top printers, but I wanted a dual extruder type of printer, I had did a lot of research and found the Creality CR-X. After reading reviews and watching YouTube videos that I wasn't for sure since the tested Printers were Beta. Finally, after finding some online reviews and some that had the final O/S and gcode I went ahead and purchased. I am so glad, this printer isn't getting the attention it deserves now. It prints better and much cleaner than my CR-10S, and with 2 nozzles! No ghosting, echo'ing, unsmooth Z-Axis, and the bed works great if following the instructions on how to clean before printing. Overall, I would recommend this printer, the cost of the dual extruder head makes it even more attractive!

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