Creality CR-10S 3D Printer (Orange)

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Good printer, large build volume. Good for PLA with stock setup.

This is not my first printer, so I am familiar with 3d printing and have been at it for several years. I decided to get this printer because I heard a lot of positive things about it, and it has a large build area.

Overall this printer is pretty good for the price. I would recommend it, except for one critical issue (that I am hoping is remedied). The printer that I received has a "fatal flaw" because of a bad capacitor on the motherboard. The 5v regulation on the motherboard has a high ripple. This is because Creality used the wrong type of capacitor on the most recent motherboards (v2 and v2.1). What this means: you will see the temperature reading vary from 3-5 C when you are printing, and even a bit (1-2C) when you are sitting idle. When printing under 220, the printer will still print ok, though you may see some variation in your layers due to the temperature oscillation. Another real concern is when you try to print above 230C (which is required for filaments like ABS or PETG) . My board can't even heat over 230 C because of this capacitor issue. If you google "CR 10S temperature issue" you can learn more about this.

I am attempting to get a replacement board from the seller who I bought through on Amazon. They have asked me for a video of the problem. The seller claims to be in touch with the manufacturer (Creality) so I am hopeful I'll get a replacement. If I do get a replacement board, I will come back and update my review. I'm hoping this issue gets resolved, and I believe Creality will eventually start shipping printers with the correct capacitor, possibly in version 2.2 once that is released. My recommendation would be to double check that the issue has been resolved before buying this printer, unless you only plan on printing PLA or don't mind the hassle of getting a replacement board and opening up the case.

Apart from the above issue, the printer is very good. The quality of prints are excellent even with the stock hot end/extruder. I've success...


Super excited. Like my printer!@


Ordered it as a backup for my CR-10 S4. Took about 20-30 minutes to put together and discovered I had a warped glass plate. Not docking a star for that since I knew going into the purchase I'd likely receive a warped glass plate. Took a bit longer than normal to level the bed and tram the print head due to the warped plate but within 60 minutes of opening the box I started a 14hr print which finished beautifully...on the warped glass plate, no less.

The positioning of the spool holder is atrocious and will cause the control box to tip over into the printer the first time the printer encounters a kink in the filament. Re-locate the spool to the top crossbar and print the feed guide from thingiverse and you wont run into that issue any longer.

Print a replacement for the control knob on the control box.

Print larger bed leveling thumbscrews (available on thingiverse) to make leveling the bed FAR easier.

Mark 100mm of filament from the filament out sensor to the spool, then use the control box to preheat the extruder and extrude 100mm of filament. If the 100mm mark on the filament does not reach the hole on the filament out sensor, you are under-extruding and you will need to adjust your slicer settings.@

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