Creality CR-10 3D Printer 300*300*400mm

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Got this for Christmas and has been using it almost continuously for a week. So far so good!

It came well packaged, no loose parts. It was semi-assembled to three large parts as advertised. The base with heating bed, the "bridge", and the control. There is also a box of accessories - tools, sd card, extra tape and such.

I am completely new to 3D printing and this model was recommended to me by a friend. I followed this video on youtube to assemble it. Assembly is relatively simple, four screws to connect base and bridge, and three cables from the control to the three motors. In the video it recommended moving the base to the edge of the table to do the screws. I found it easier to pop the base up a bit with some of the foam padding that was in the box (see one of the pictures). The three cables go to three motors that controls the x,y and z axis. The cable that goes to the X motor also has the line to the extruder. When I first connected everything, I accidentally swapped y and z. Once turned on, in the menu *Prepare* there is *Move Axis*, here you can move x,y,z and the extruder manually and verify things are connected correctly -- this is how I figured out my mistake and corrected it. Note that the extruder will not move unless it is heated up, but the extruder connection which is bundled up with X is different from the rest and is hard to mis-connect. Also followed the video to tight things up as well as calibrate the bed. It came pretty tight and calibrated so there is not much to do there. One thing worth mention (that is not in the video) is that the worm gear bar for Z is not connected with the motor and needs to be connected. There is a piece of paper in the box stating that - it was disconnected to eliminate chance of damage during shipping. It would be obvious when you notice Z is not going with manual control :D This process took me about an hour as I had no clue when I started. If I am to assembl...


Great Printer for larger object!@


I know "les3dprinter", and I like this product a lot.@


First 3D printer and we love it!@


The Creality CR-10 IS the printer to buy! If you're either technically or mechanically inclined this is the printer for you. Being a first time buyer of 3D-Printers; I should warn you that it's not 100% plug and play but requires some adjustment to get things working just right. ...When you do get everything dialed in the Creality CR-10 produces some phenomenal prints; honestly beyond my expectations! Don't hesitate to buy directly here; they were nice enough to help me out with any issues I had and even sent me some parts without hesitation. Conclusion: The CR-10 is the Tool you didn't know you were missing. And the Customer Support is dedicated to customer satisfaction.@

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